”The guys out on the pro golf tour don't compete for the amount of money we bet on a single round.”
Doyle Brunson, commenting on his golf betting.

Doyle Brunson has been a successful poker player for five decades now. After winning too much in the early days in Texas – resulting in fewer invitations – he eventually moved to Las Vegas. There he managed to win the World Championships back to back in 1976 and 1977. All in all he has now won a total of ten gold bracelets and was the first player ever to win a USD 1 million poker tournament. His latest bracelet came in 2005 at the age of 72 when he won $367,800 in a No Limit tournament.

Brunson is also famous for his enormous betting while playing golf as well as his general betting on sports. He often bets a couple of hundred thousand dollars in total per day on sporting events.

Not being only a player, Brunson is also co-author of the legendary book on poker strategy “Super Systems” published in 1978. This was really the first time the general public got inside information in how the best poker players analyzed the game. Brunson now believes the book has cost him a lot of money spreading that knowledge. An updated version of the book was published in 2004

Both times Brunson won the World Championships his pocket cards on the final hand were 10-2. And both times he ended up with a full house, tens full of deuces. The starting hand 10-2 is thus often referred to as a “Doyle Brunson”

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