Poker Books

Here is a list of some of the more popular titles about poker. The books by Sklansky and/or Malmuth in particular are highly recommended for those who want to improve their poker strategy.

Caro's Fundamental Secrets of Winning Poker
Mike Caro

Gambling For a Living
Mason Malmuth & David Sklansky

Gambling Theory and Other Topics
Mason Malmuth

Getting the Best of It
David Sklansky

A Friendly Game?
Mark Swindler

Awesome Profits: From Kitchen Poker Table to Tournament Final Table
George Elias

Basics of Winning
J. Edward Allen

Handbook of Winning poker
Edwin Silberstang

How to Play Winning Poker
Avery Cardoza

New Poker Games
Mike Caro

Poker Essays
Mason Malmuth

Poker, Gaming & Life
David Sklansky & Mason Malmuth

Secrets of Winning Poker
Tex Sheanan

Sklansky on Poker
David Sklansky

Super System: A Course in Power Poker
Doyle Brunson

Theory of Poker
David Sklansky

Winning Poker for the Serious Player
Edwin Silberstang

Complete Book of Hold Em Poker
Gary Carson

Hold Em Excellence: From Beginning to Winner
Lou Krieger

Hold Em Poker
David Sklansky

Hold Em Poker for Advanced Players
David Sklansky & Mason Malmuth

Low Limit 7 Card Stud: Casino Strategy With Practice Hands
Gary Oliver

More Hold Em Excellence: A Winner for Life
Lou Krieger

Poker,Omaha,High/Low Split, Intermediate
Andy Nelson

Poker-Seven Card Stud High Low Split
Andy Nelson

Secret to Winning Big in Tournament Poker
Ken Buntjer

Seven-Card Stud for Advanced players
David Sklansky

Winner's Guide to Texas Hold Em Poker
Ken Warren

Winning Concepts in Draw & Lowball
Mason Malmuth

Winning Low-Limit Hold Em
Lee Jones

Poker For Dummies
Lou Krieger and Richard D. Harroch

The Rules of Neighborhood Poker According to Hoyle
Stewart Wolpin

Poker: One Hundred and One Ways to Win
Andy Nelson

Poker - Hold'Em: Book One
Andy Nelson

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